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Saturday February 2nd

Hit counter is now up (bot of this page for now). Forum is now up still messing with theme, and some other stuff.

Friday January 32nd

Well finally got colored banner because no one trusted shen the failure. Got some art up. People need to start typing up stuff for their page... Flash intro started.

Thursday January 31st

Well some more features up group drawing now works, other than that not much because shen sucks and didn't email the colored banner

Wednesday January 30th

Hello and welcome to the site! It is still in progress. Do you like the ads they help us pay for our site Also buy a shirt when we get them up. We need tablets, and you should get a tan. We also accept donations just Email Christian and we can make you a custom art peice for your money. Now why can't you just go on art and print it out? Well we put it on proffessional line paper, like out of binders... that and we have text across the onsite versions so screw you plus there is no art on our website yet, nor will there ever be art on our website... unless you pay us... thats what you get for not giving us money or helping. Please continue to visit. It will get better... at some point... If you decided not to ever come back please ask yourself where's my mom right now let me answer that for you, at my house having cookies.

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